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Yuliya Rybalova

Last Update vor 2 Jahren

As you know, the recruitment process is a possibility for a company to get to know the candidates, and for the candidates is to learn more about a company. Use this opportunity to present your organization, team, culture and tell a bit more about the job position. 

There are two tabs : a) Video Invitation and b) About us

Video invitation

Once you create a job offer, you can invite candidates that you have in the pool, to the video recruitment step.

 It is a great opportunity to create a welcome video, which will be included in the email invitation, and encourage candidates to record their video replies.

About Us

In this section you can add a video presentation of your company and a video dedicated to the job offer, telling more about responsibilities or how the typical day looks like.

TIP: No need to make it long, 2-3 minutes would be enough. You can ask team managers or team members to participate in a video to add the human touch.

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